Plug Play – Kiwi Burst – Exotics


1gram Pod
Introducing Kiwi Burst an invigorating PLUGPLAY™ PLUG™ renowned for its vibrant profile and uplifting effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid captivates with its tantalizing blend of ripe aromas and euphoric sensations.

PLUGPLAY™ redefines the vaping and smoking experience with its advanced, high-quality product range designed for discerning users. Our flagship product, the PLUGPLAY™ vape system, offers over 350+ puffs per charge with a potent 500mAH PLAY™ battery, ensuring maximum flavor and efficiency for on-the-go dabbing. Complementing the vape line, the Justplay all-in-one vape embodies simplicity and performance, adhering to our high standards in a user-friendly package.

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