small bud Premium ☆ Driving Miss Daisy – Hybrid


1/8th $20

Driving Miss Daisy is the perfect name for this indica-dominant strain originally from Swamp Boy Seeds. Time to sink in the back of a soft leather seat and enjoy this soothing and mellow hybrid. It is made by crossing two indica-dominant strains in Sundae Driver with White OG, both highly successful strains in their own right.

The Driving Miss Daisy buds consist of long, curled leaves that are mostly purple, with some green. Squiggly orange pistils, resembling silly-string, are scattered throughout, while blond trichomes give the buds a fuzzy look.

This strain has the sweet smell of grapes and berries amid odors of pine and skunk. Combusting Driving Miss Daisy accents the sour grape flavor and even brings a little tangy-citrus to the palate.


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