Eat Your Greens – Tincture – Indica


MAMA always said to EAT your greens and with this tincture you will be doing just that. No seriously it’s pretty much WEED reduced  down for perfect MICRODOSING.
Organic MCT oil infused with premium cannabis extract (THC 500mg) for oral or topical medicinal purposes.  Each dropper is marked for dosing ease and is equal to 1 ml or 17 mg of THC.
This shit is PURE, organic oil and tastes like WEED.  PERFECT for those who want to DOSE without the SUGAR & UNNECSSARY calories.  KETO/VEGAN/GLUTEN-FREE/LACTOSE-FREE
Made with coconut oil.
Comes in two choices:
Indica Dominant Hybrid Tincture: perfect for chilling the fuck out, sleepy nap nap time and pain management.
Sativa Dominant Hybrid Tincture: perfect for getting your ass out of bed, getting artsy fartsy & having razor like concentration for you to endlessly game without taking a bathroom break for several hours.



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